Labor Day Road Trip–Los Angeles to Dallas

There’s nothing like a classic, end-of-summer road trip for getting up close and personal with the sights and sounds of the U.S.A.!

My epic road trip from Los Angeles to Dallas hit some of the major hot spots in the Southwestern U.S., starting with a stop in beautiful Palm Springs, CA before heading east to Phoenix, AZ. From there, I continued to Tucson, AZ and its beautiful, rustic landscape. Entering Texas, the city of El Paso welcomed me before I made my way to the mini-cityscapes of Odessa and Midlands. A prolonged stopover in vivacious Dallas allowed me to do some good in the world before I returned home.

The whole trip is over 1,500 miles of scenic Western countryside with a few popular tourist sites and attractions sprinkled in. And to get even more out of your own road trip, consider shipping your luggage ahead of time. This way, logistics stay in the rearview mirror and leave you nothing to focus on but the road ahead.

Day 1:

6:00 AM – Started my eastward journey from Los Angeles. Planned to drive two to three hours (depending on traffic) before arriving in Palm Springs.

9:30 AM – Settled in for breakfast at The Broken Yolk, located at 262 South Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs, CA. Their Wellness Wrap dishes out plenty of fuel to keep you focused on the next leg of your trip and shouldn’t be missed. Headed out around 11:00 AM for a six-hour drive to Scottsdale, AZ.

The Broken Yolk

The Broken Yolk Wellness Wrap

5:30 PM – Arrived in Scottsdale and made my way to the famed Hotel Valley Ho to enjoy dinner and restore myself for the next day’s travels. Hotel Valley Ho represents classic Hollywood style from the 1950s and beyond, having hosted the likes of Zsa Zsa Gabor, Bing Crosby, and Tony Curtis. Restored to its mid-century magnificence in 2002, this hotel and resort has been recognized as one of the best-preserved hotels from the mid-century in existence.

Day 2:

7:00 AM – Enjoyed another meal at Hotel Valley Ho before embarking on my journey.

8:00 AM – Left Hotel Valley Ho and drove for about 2.5 hours to reach Tucson, AZ.

11:00 AM (Tucson) – Headed straight to Tucson Tamale Company at 2545 East Broadway Boulevard for a creative variety of authentic tamales, salads, and burritos. After lunch, a 10-minute drive took me to the Arizona History Museum where I saw treasures like Wyatt Earp’s pistol, Geronimo’s rifle, Spanish silver, and many hands-on exhibits.

1:30 PM – Left Tucson and drove for about 5.5 hours to El Paso, TX.

7:00 PM (El Paso) – A city within throwing distance of the Mexico border, El Paso gives you the perfect opportunity to satisfy your appetite and stretch your legs. Grabbed a table at Tabla, located at 115 Durango Street D, and filled up on delicious Spanish-inspired small plates.

Small plate at Tabla

Small plate at Tabla (2)

8:30 PM – Settled my bill at Tabla and drove for four hours until I reached Odessa.

11:30 PM – Checked in at the Hilton Garden Inn resort downtown to rest up for Day 3.

Day 3:

8:00 AM – Thought about ordering room service for breakfast but grabbed a quick bite from the on-site pantry instead.

9:00 AM – After checking out of the hotel, I drove for about 40 minutes until I reached the bustling city of Midland, TX.

10:00 AM (Midland) – Once home to former Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, Midland’s rich history in oil and rail has transformed the area into a prospering hub of shopping, dining, and activities. I stepped inside the childhood home of George W. Bush and learned the back story of this politically focused family of two presidents, their first ladies, and two governors.

12:00 PM – Drove for three hours until I reached the small town of Cisco, TX.

3:30 PM (Cisco) – Grabbed a late lunch at Waverly’s Coffee & Gifts, located at 610 Conrad Hilton Blvd in Cisco.

4:30 PM – After lunch, I continued on for 2.5 hours until I reached the looming metropolis of Dallas.

7:00 PM (Dallas) – I’d made it to the ninth largest city in the United States and home to the Dallas Cowboys! The city has a rich history in politics, economics, sports, and culture. Upon arriving downtown, I settled in for dinner at the Filament, an upscale Southern-style eatery with a rustic backdrop and plenty of culinary variety.

9:30 PM – After I ate my fill, I checked in at the historic Adolphus Hotel, Dallas’ first-ever grand hotel with a more-than-100-year tradition of excellence. Its rich past remains well-preserved in its modern accommodations.

Day 4:

9:00 AM (Dallas) – I grabbed a bar stool at Top Knot for an Asian-inspired brunch, an eatery just 10 minutes away by car from the Adolphus Hotel. Then I spent the day participating in local Houston relief efforts, helping out at the shelters and demonstrating a little humanitarianism.

1:00 PM – I had lunch at City Hall restaurant back at the Adolphus before resuming a day of charity and good will.

6:00 PM – After a satisfying Italian dinner at Americano downtown, I took an after-dinner walk, reflected on the day and enjoyed a little sightseeing before turning in for the night.

Americano restaurant

Day 5:

10:00 AM – I slept in a little before heading out for breakfast at the Metropolitan Cafe.

Metropolitan Cafe

12:00 PM – I checked out of the Adolphus Hotel, caught the airport shuttle to the George Bush Intercontinental Airport, and boarded my American Airlines flight back to Los Angeles. And remember, when you ship your luggage ahead of time, that’s one less thing to lose at the airport as you make your way to your terminal.

Bye bye, Summer! See you next year.

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